The ranch offers traditional hunting activities and is equipped to accommodate bow- hunters and muzzle or black-powder hunters. A few hides are available for use by bow hunters and photographers. There are a variety of game species, the most common being eland, gemsbok, kudu, red hartebeest, impala, warthog, blue wild beast, zebra, and water buck. The hunting of small antelope is generally not permitted  and not encouraged. Where hunting is not encouraged it is reflected in the price of the species. Hunting of other game is welcomed but negotiated. These include jackal, baboon, vervet monkey, bush pig, and ostrich.

Green hunting is encouraged for giraffe. Game will be sold individually and in “hunting packets”, provided sufficient are hunted.

The game farm is open, with no restrictions. Hunting takes place in the high season from April to September each year. In the case of groups consisting of 4 or more hunters, only one group will be permitted at any given time. Where a minimum number of occupants are required, less people will share the additional costs. Should any outsiders wish to come in as day-hunters, this will be arranged with the current clients.

Transport will be supplied to drop and pick up all the hunters. Hunting will only take place half an hour before sunrise and half an hour after sunset. Game carcasses will be collected by Mabelingwane personnel. Only in exceptional circumstances will private vehicles be permitted to travel off the two main routes on the farm. Management are open to negotiation to meet the needs of clients who are either disabled or have medical conditions.

The premises are equipped with adequate slaughtering/skinning facilities and cold storage facilities. There are normally six guides to assist and accompany the hunting clients. All hunters will be required to sign the indemnity form and adhere to the rules and regulations given to them on entering the premises in order to participate in hunting activities. “The right of admission is reserved.”

Overseas hunters are encouraged and a professional hunter & outfitters can be arranged  if required.